I am Scott Schmold...
an inspired photographer looking to develop his technique and grow creatively.
Since a young age I was captivated by the wonders of Polaroid film. But due to the prohibitive cost at that time (mainly due to my frequently broken piggy bank), this creative need for photography slept dormant inside.
With the rise of the digital photography age, I bought into revolutionary digital technology and released the creative beast inside. This newly rekindled drive to capture experiences and emotions in a split second of time has now developed into sharing these experiences and emotions with others. Basically, to document and display the moments of other people’s lives with the same vigor and dedication I’ve applied to my own.
I have a growing and constantly developing interest in portraiture, couple, engagement, and wedding photography. I find these areas challenge me the most technically, but the people make it so dang easy when there’s true love involved!
Looking for the old, now inactive blog? http://journal.scottschmold.com/
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